Sometimes when you like where you end up, you don't care how you got there.

Tayari Jones, An American Marriage
Leslie-Ann Murray

Leslie-Ann Murray

My name is Leslie Ann Murray and I’m a fiction writer and book lover from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m currently living in Brooklyn, New York, but before living here I’ve lived in France, Bangladesh, China, South Africa, and a random small town in New England.

I started Brown Girl Book Lover because we need more diverse book reviewers. My primary focus is to review diverse books and interview writers who are unearthing new ways for us to think.

Leslie-Ann Murray Facts

I make really good smoothies!
I'm an avid runner!
I'm a plant mom!
I'm working on my first novel, "This Has Made Us Beautiful."

Brown Girl Book Lover Facts

Reviewing books that should be at the forefront of our imagination.
Reviewing books that are shifting our literary world.
Unearthing published books that did not receive the limelight.